Custom Turning Commercial CNC Lathe Production

Our facility is equipped with industry leading equipment to guarantee the precision and versatility your project requires. Capable of around the clock, 24-hour operation, our production process is tailored for peak efficiency to provide the right parts, at the right time, for the right price.

We apply our years of custom metal machining experience to every phase of your project.

From design and prototyping, through production, assembly and finishing, we ensure every product that leaves our shop will meet any challenge you have in mind.

Whether the job is in the tens, or tens of thousands, Custom Turning’s comprehensive metal works deliver a full array of CNC machining procedures. Including:

  • Milling/Turning
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Drilling

  • Tapping
  • Cross-hole Drilling
  • Screw Machining
  • Bending

We also provide complete metal finishing services including:

  • Plating
  • Grinding

  • Heat Treating
  • Finishing

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